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Van Zandt Associates, Inc. (VZA) is a internationally recognized Threat Assessment Group that is able to offer it's clients pre-employment background investigations on each and every current employee or potential employment applicant. We provide this service in order to reduce the risks and liabilities our client's face when hiring unknown individuals. VZA has the experience, technology and resources to provide in person, hands-on searches at the county, state and federal levels, ensuring the most accurate and up to date information available.

With the aid of VZA's online account management system, VZScreen, requesting, retrieving and managing background information is automated, simplifying the process. VZScreen ensures the secure and efficient e-mail or fax delivery of comprehensive background reports. Remember, the most accurate predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

All reports provided by VZA are in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fcra.htm, which governs not only credit reports, but governs and requires specific procedures for all background reports conducted for employment purposes.

Pre-Employment Service List

  • Criminal Search: Any records located will include the case number, date filed, charges, disposition date and final disposition. Additional years may be searched upon request.
  • Federal Criminal Search: This service will provide all crimes filed under a federal jurisdiction, such as embezzlement, tax evasion or bank robbery within the last seven years. This search is conducted on a state by state basis.
  • County Criminal Search: This service will provide all felony or misdemeanor filings at the county level within the last seven years.
  • Driver's License History: This service will provide complete records from all states. Reports will include any offenses/citations. A signed release is required by some states.
  • Credit Report: This service provides a full credit report from Equifax, one of the nation's top three credit bureaus. It will include information on all public filings, such as bankruptcies or civil judgments, as well as insight into an applicant's current financial status. A signed release is required.
  • Employment Verification: Our staff of Verifications Specialists will contact an applicant's past employers and verify dates of employment, position/title, and reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire.
  • Education Verification: When job performance requires a specific level of education, this search will confirm an applicant's eligibility. Our staff of Verifications Specialists will verify dates of attendance, majors, and degrees or certificates awarded.
  • Social Security Number Trace: This service will provide the name associated with a given number and as well as current and previous addresses. It will also report the names of any other people who have recently used this number. This service does not verify that the Social Security Number is issued to an applicant. According to the federal Privacy Act, only the validity of and state of issuance may be determined. The Social Security Administration will not identify who was issued a particular number for a background check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to search Felony and Misdemeanor Records? Aren't Misdemeanors minor offenses?
A: It is critical to search both offense classifications. Misdemeanor offenses can include assault, drug possession, and theft. Many charges are reduced in plea bargain agreements. Therefore, in such plea bargains the criminal action will remain the same but may be missed if misdemeanor records are not searched.

Q: Can a criminal record search be conducted on a minor?
A. Generally, juvenile records (under the age of 18) are not considered public record, therefore cannot be searched.

Q: Can an International background investigation be conducted?
A: Sometimes, but it can be very expensive. The laws pertaining to international criminal records vary, and in some nations criminal records are not public. Contact Customer Service for record availability in specific countries.

Q: What parts of a Credit Report can be used during the hiring process?
A: All but bankruptcy can be used during the hiring process as decision factors.

Q: Should a background investigation be conducted on vendors such as janitors, security guards, contractors, etc.?
A: Yes. A background investigation should be conducted on all persons that will be working on company premises.

Q: Is an alias name considered a separate search?
A: Yes. Each name that is provided must be searched separately throughout each jurisdiction requested. In almost every court, criminal records are primarily indexed by the Defendant's last name.

Q: Is it illegal to obtain a date of birth for the purposes of a background check?
A: No. It is only illegal to use a date of birth as the sole reason for denying employment.

Account Benefits

  • NO setup fee
  • NO monthly minimums
  • Itemized invoices billed monthly
  • Online account management system, VZScreen

    Research Fees

    County Criminal: $20.00
    Statewide Criminal (CO,CT,HI,MO,OH): $25.00 per state
    Federal Criminal: $20.00 per state
    County Civil: $25.00 per county
    Federal Civil: $20.00 per state
    Driving Record: varies by state (see attached list)
    Employment Verification: $20.00 per verification
    Education Verification: $20.00 per verification
    Social Security Number Trace: $20.00
    Credit Report: $20.00

      Mississippi $16.00
      Montana $16.00
      N. Carolina $13.00
      N. Dakota $10.00
      Nebraska $10.25
      New Hampshire $18.00
      New Jersey $11.00
      New Mexico $ 9.00
      Nevada $13.00
      New York $12.00
      Ohio $ 9.00
      Oklahoma $19.00
      Oregon $11.00
      *Pennsylvania $14.00
      Rhode Island $25.00
      S. Carolina $11.00
      S. Dakota $13.00
      Tennessee $13.00
      Texas $13.00
      Utah $14.00
      Virginia $14.00
      Vermont $14.00
      *Washington $18.50
      Wisconsin $12.00
    $ 8.50
      W. Virginia $14.00
          Wyoming $14.00
    * These states required a signed release.


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